No Mo’ Notices – Suppressing notices, about pages, and other nags in popular WordPress plugins

Earlier this week, I wrote a rant post about WordPress plugins that make it difficult to suppress certain admin notices, about pages, and other nags (such as feature pointers).

After filing some pull requests, talking to a few developers, and poking around code on GitHub, I’ve been able to cobble together some solutions for a few popular plugins like WooCommerce and WordPress SEO.

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We Don’t Need Your Stinkin’ Admin Notices

Over the past few weeks I’ve seen a frustrating trend. Increasingly, WordPress plugins have decided they see fit to add admin notices (those “flash message”-style nags at the top of your dashboard) and about pages (like the ones you see after upgrading WordPress itself)… without making them skippable via code.

You might be asking “why’s that a problem?” And sure, it seems innocuous enough.

The problem is that these messages often make assumptions about user behaviour that just aren’t always true. In the process, they frustrate, confuse, and ultimately hurt user experiences.

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5 Tips for Better Open Source Communities

At Van Patten Media, we release a lot of open source code. As a consequence, we receive a lot of suggestions and feedback, along with “pull requests” — submissions of code from other developers.

There are a lot of blog posts devoted to being better contributors to open source, but very few on being better leaders of open source projects (or, at least, better code reviewers).

Recently I’ve encountered several situations where people running open source projects haven’t handled pull requests in a way I thought was appropriate. Of course, to a degree this is all subjective, but I still think it’s worth sharing a few of the tips I use to make our open source projects more welcoming and leave developers happy.

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Stress management for solo entrepreneurs

It always seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything I want done. As a freelance writer I tend to have many small projects going on at any given time. Thinking about all of those projects and all the things I need to do can lead to quite a bit of stress and anxiety.

A few weeks ago I wrote about how time management was a big way you could cut back your stress and now I want to give you some more ways to help with your stress. As a solo entrepreneur you probably have a million things going on like me. So here are some of the things I’ve been doing to alleviate stress…

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Why outsourcing is essential for small business owners

Although I live in New Zealand, nearly all of my work comes from the United States and Canada. Technology is at a point where I can work from home here and get things done for people on the other side of the planet. It’s great because as a freelancer, I can find more work than I otherwise would in my small town.

The real winners though are small business owners. By outsourcing their work online, they can find just the right person for the job they need, no matter where they are. They also save on the costs of having long-term employees in a physical office. But besides these obvious bonuses to outsourcing, there’s even more important aspects of outsourcing that you as a small business owner should consider.

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