Running a small business can take a lot out of you. We’re here to help.

At Van Patten Media, we build beautiful conversion-optimised websites and help you put together systems and virtual teams to maintain and market them. We help you get more time and more customers, so you can stay focused on the big picture.

Stop micro-managing your online marketing. Let’s talk.

Amrita Health Foods

As customers grow more conscious of their food choices, Amrita Health Foods offers a line of signature snack bars that check all the boxes: they’re gluten free, peanut free, dairy free, vegan, seed-based… oh, and they taste great. Amrita needed to level up their eCommerce game to keep up with demand. That’s where we came in.


With a new design on hand, venerable piracy watchdog TorrentFreak needed a web development partner to transform raw design mockups into a fully responsive, fast, and flexible WordPress theme that would hold up under the scrutiny of their 7 million monthly hits.

Gentlemen of St. John’s

As one of the University of Cambridge’s premiere all-male singing groups, the Gentlemen of St. John’s College needed a website design to match their prestigious reputation, capable of handling PayPal-based album sales and a rotating roster of singers.

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