4 reasons to manage your content marketing with CoSchedule (our review)

You just finished writing up your newest blog post. Now what? Time to make the social media rounds and set up your posts on Facebook. Then Google+. Then Twitter. Even if you use something like Buffer you might have to spend time tabbing back and forth between your post and Buffer to put in the right links and quotes. It may not seem like a lot but that time adds up.

You could be spending that time writing more content and social media posts. With CoSchedule, you can. CoSchedule is an amazing WordPress plugin that makes content marketing intuitive, smooth, and fast by bringing the social media and scheduling tools right to your WordPress dashboard.


With CoSchedule there’s no more time spent going from one social network to the next and trying to line up the scheduling. You can do all of it right on your blog post’s edit page. Just connect up the social networks you use and off you go. You can directly link to the post and insert any pictures you may want, too.

CoSchedule WordPress plugin on post edit screen
This is an example of what you would see when creating a blog post and social media posts.

Or if you’re in the middle of scheduling your social media posts and realize you need to edit your draft, you can access the draft from the calendar view app. All your blog posts and social media posts appear on the same calendar so you can access them all on the same page, no matter which view you prefer.


The calendar is my personal favorite part about CoSchedule. I love being able to visualize the content and social media posts together. With a quick glance I can see if I’ve scheduled enough tweets this week or if my Facebook posts are all going out at the same time as my blog posts. It’s great being able to cut down on time spent flipping between tabs and sites to double check scheduling.

Additionally, if you look at previous weeks and months, at a glance you can see how much social media engagement a certain piece of content has generated based on the social media posts linked to it. This is especially handy when looking at larger chunks of time on the calendar so you can see trends across your posts.


CoSchedule is great if you’re going solo, but it’s also got great tools for teams working on content marketing. You can assign different tasks to your team members and set deadlines. Checking which tasks you’ve completed or still have to finish is easy… as is checking which tasks are overdue.

It's great being able to see your tasks and post while communicating with your team on the same page.
It’s great being able to see your tasks and post while communicating with your team on the same page.

You can also leave comments on content to help communicate additional ideas or changes without having to use e-mail. Since the comments are connected directly to the content it’s easier to understand what’s being discussed. No need to go back and forth with long e-mail chains to clarify – the comments are all right there.


The cherry on top of CoSchedule is the amount of control you have over everything. In calendar view you can drag and drop drafts and social media posts to any time you want. It’s brilliantly intuitive and lets you rearrange things quickly if you need to. It’s an easy way to make sure you balance out different types of content throughout your week.

There’s also a number of filters you can put up so you can focus on specific types of content or posts. You can sort by authors, post status, different social networks and more.

Bringing together your content and social media into one place makes content marketing so much simpler and CoSchedule’s intuitive calendar view makes organizing and communicating a breeze. If you’re still not fully convinced, try the free 14-day trial. After the trial it’s $10/month with unlimited users and social accounts, not to mention free support.

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