Total Slider hits 1.0.3

Total Slider, our new WordPress plugin for creating beautiful, easily maintained sliders, is a hit! With nearly 1500 downloads in its first month and a half, we’re so thrilled about the adoption Total Slider has experienced in this early part of its life. Lead developer Peter Upfold and myself  have loved seeing the plugin get used in projects other than our own!

Already, we’ve released two small point releases: 1.0.1 and 1.0.2, both fixing small bugs and helping make Total Slider compatible with new versions of WordPress. 1.0.3 is our first release to add new features, which is quite exciting!

Those new features include:

  1. A French translation. Thanks so much Frédéric Serva for contributing this excellent translation.
  2. Primitive shortcode support. This was one of the most commonly requested features from users. We have a few more elements in the works before we consider shortcodes user-ready, but developers should feel comfortable using them. You can find shortcode documentation at our Developer Docs wiki on Github.

Our next expected release will be version 1.1, which will bring shortcodes to end users (making them much more client-friendly) and major revisions to Total Slider’s theme engine. We’re also planning to design and release downloadable themes for Total Slider, so let us know what types of themes you’d like to see!

Finally, if you’re interested in contributing a translation to Total Slider (version 1.1 or beyond!) you can find new documentation on how to prepare a translation at our Developer Docs wiki. It’s actually an easy process, and a great way for non-coders to contribute.

Enjoy 1.0.3, and let us know where you’re using it!

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