New plugin: VPM Custom Admin for branded WordPress

Have you ever wanted to customize the WordPress admin panel so your clients see a custom look specific to you and your business? It’s actually super easy, and with our new plugin, VPM Custom Admin, we’ve made it even easier.

VPM Custom Admin is a simple plugin that helps designers and developers white-label WordPress quickly and easily. It has a few cool features included by default.

Check out those features after the jump…

  • Replace the WordPress logo on the login page with your own custom logo
  • Remove the WordPress menu in the admin menubar
  • Add your link and logo to the WordPress footer (we also move the Credits and Freedoms links there, in the interest of being good citizens)
  • Remove a bunch of widgets from the dashboard
  • Add a custom RSS widget pointing to your blog or website RSS feed to the dashboard

It also has the abillity to auto-update from a custom update endpoint. What the heck does that mean? Well, you probably won’t want to submit your customized version of this plugin to the WordPress Plugins Directory (who else would want it?) but auto-updating functionality is super useful, especially if you have a lot of clients. We solve that problem by looking for updates at a location you define. We set up, but you’ll want to change that. The information available here is a good reference on how to set up your custom update endpoint (it’s very easy).

For maximum freedom, we’ve licensed this plugin under the Unlicense, effectively releasing it into the public domain. That doesn’t apply to our custom CSS and the images and RSS the plugin references (but why would you want those anyway?).

As with all our other open source projects, you can find the plugin at Github. We welcome your bug reports, pull requests, and comments!

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