Get the 35mm Cast Album

We’re so proud to have been apart of 35mm: A Musical Exhibition, the new work of musical theatre by Ryan Scott Oliver inspired by the photography of Matthew Murphy.

Don’t know what 35mm is? We interviewed Matthew Murphy back in February, and here’s how he described it:

35mm is collaboration between myself and composer Ryan Scott Oliver.  It is an evening-length work that merges the worlds of musical theater and photography.”

We’re so excited that this exciting new show was preserved in a cast album, and that the cast album is now available to purchase! You can find it on iTunes or buy a physical copy from Ghostlight Records. You’ll also get a beautiful 48 page booklet (digital or on paper) with the photos that inspired the songs, so you can get the full visual experience.

I just got my copy of the CD yesterday, and it’s an incredible recording. The cast and band are phenomenal, the arrangements are crisp and tight, and it’s a delight to listen to.

I’m so happy we were able to contribute to the production, and look forward to doing the same for other new theatre productions in the future!

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